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C1000-143 - Bundle Pack

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Vendor IBM
Certification IBM Certified Administrator
Exam Code C1000-143
Title IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps v3.2 Administrator Exam
No Of Questions 65
Last Updated March 22,2023
Product Type Q & A with Explanation
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Exam Code : C1000-143 - Mar 22,2023
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Certification Overview
An IBM Certified Administrator on IBM Cloud Pak for Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps v3.2 is a system administrator who has extensive knowledge and experience on IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps v3.2 including AI Manager, Event Manager and Metric Manager. This administrator can perform the intermediate tasks related to planning, sizing, installation, daily management and operation, security, performance, configuration of enhancements (including fix packs and patches), customization and/or problem determination.

Exam C1000-143: IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps v3.2 Administrator

Exam Objectives
During exam development, the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) define all of the tasks, knowledge and experience that an individual would need in order to successfully fulfill their role with the product or solution. These are represented by the objectives below and the questions on the exam are based upon these objective.

Number of questions: 65
Number of questions to pass: 46
Time allowed: 90 minutes
Status: Live

Purpose of Exam Objectives
When an exam is developed, Subject Matter Experts work together to define the role the certified individual will fill. They define the tasks and knowledge that an individual would need to successfully perform this job role doe the product or solution. This creates the foundation for the objectives and measurement criteria, which form the basis of the certification exam. Question writers then use these objectives to develop
exam questions.

It is recommended that you review these objectives and ask yourself the following questions:
? Do you know how to complete the task in the objective?
? Do you know why that task needs to be done?
? Do you know what will happen if you do it incorrectly?

If you are not familiar with a task, go through the objective, perform that task in your own environment and read more information on the task. If there is an objective on a task, there is a high likelihood that you WILL see a question about it on the actual exam. Review the recommended learning designed to prepare you to take the certification exam.

After reviewing the objectives in this guide and completing your own research, take the assessment exam. While the assessment exam does not indicate which specific questions were answered incorrectly, it does indicate overall performance by section. This is a good indicator of preparedness or if further preparation is warranted.

High-level Exam Objectives
Section 1 - IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps Overview

1.1 Describe the architectural overview of Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps
1.2 Describe AI Manager key functionalities
1.3 Describe Event Manager key functionalities
1.4 Describe Metric Manager key functionalities

Section 2 - Install the IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps
2.1 Plan for an installation of Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps
2.2 Prepare the infrastructure
2.3 Add catalog sources
2.4 Install AI Manager
2.5 Install Event Manager
2.6 Install Metric Manager
2.7 Uninstall the IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

Section 3 - Configuration
3.1 Manage certificates
3.2 Configure AI Manager
3.3 Configure Event Manager
3.4 Configure Metric Manager
3.5 Configure Topology
3.6 Backup and restore Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

Section 4 - Operate the Platform
4.1 Operate AI Manager
4.2 Operate Event Manager
4.3 Operate Metric Manager
4.4 Operate Topology Manager

Section 5 - Manage User Access Control
5.1 Add and manage Roles, User Groups and Users
5.2 Configure LDAP servers and authentication
5.3 Change the cluster administrator credentials

Section 6 -Troubleshoot
6.1 Troubleshoot theCloud Pak for Watson AIOps installation
6.2 Troubleshoot pods
6.3 Troubleshoot access control and user management
6.4 Troubleshoot the CP4WAIOps components


Which statement is true about a topology merge rule?

A. Specifies that the value of a resource field should be copied to the matchTokens field so that it can be used to merge events to resources
B. Merges two or more events together and relate them to the same topology resource
C. Specifies that the value of a resource field should be copied to the tags field so that it becomes searchable in the Ul
D. Specifies that two resources from different topology Observer jobs in fact refer to the same physical device

Answer: C

Which statement is true about Event Manager (NOI) in an on-premises installation?

A. Event Manager Components can only be started by using the Installation Manager.
B. Start-up scripts can be created to automatically start the various Event Manager components.
C. Startup GUI can be installed to automatic start the various components.
D. Event Manager components can only be started ally by using Linux or Windows commands.

Answer: A

What is the default duration of the CA certificate used by IBM foundational services?

A. 120 days
B. Two years
C. 90 days
D. One year

Answer: B

Which statement is true about topology management in Cloud Pak for Watson AlOps?

A. It has an ETSI interface (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)
B. It enables the real-time and historical visualization of highly dynamic and distributed infrastructure
C. It provides a holistic view into geographic data
D. It provides Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Answer: B

What does the Resource filter toolbar in Topology Manager reduce?

A. Entity types in the Topology view
B. Observer loads
C. Resources exported from the Topology Manager
D. Resources that an instance of Topology Manager holds

Answer: A

Which secret provides the credential for importing WebGUI settings in Event Manager?

A. <no-instance>-was-secret
B. <noi-instance>-settings-secret
C. aiops-was-secret
D. <noi-instance>-secret

Answer: D