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1Z0-1067-23 - Bundle Pack

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Vendor Oracle
Certification Oracle Cloud Solutions
Exam Code 1Z0-1067-23
Title Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Cloud Operations Professional Exam
No Of Questions 87
Last Updated July 1,2024
Product Type Q & A with Explanation
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Exam Code : 1Z0-1067-23 - Jul 1,2024
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Format: Hands-on Performance Based
Duration: 90 Minutes
Exam Price: $
Number of Questions: Not Applicable
Passing Score: 65%
Validation: This exam has been validated against Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023
Policy: Cloud Recertification
Earn associated certifications : Passing this exam is required to earn these certifications. Select each certification title below to view full requirements.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Certified Cloud Operations Professional

Prepare to pass exam: 1Z0-1067-23
The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Cloud Operations Professional certification is a Hands-on Performance Exam (HPE) that combines hands-on challenges and multiple-choice questions. This certification validates the candidate's ability to deploy core resources in OCI using various methods, including the OCI Command Line Interface (CLI) and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Additionally, it encompasses configuring compute instances, optimizing cost and performance, implementing reliability and business continuity best practices, administering identity and access management policies, and effectively utilizing OCI's observability platform. Current training and substantial hands-on experience are strongly recommended.

Take recommended training
Complete one of the courses below to prepare for your exam (optional):

Become an OCI Cloud Operations Professional (2023)

Practice Exam
Additional Preparation and Information
A combination of Oracle training and hands-on experience (attained via labs and/or field experience), in the learning subscription, provides the best preparation for passing the exam.

Review exam topics
The following weightings are an approximate distribution of objectives covered in this exam.
Objectives % of Exam
Deployment and Resource Management 30
Configuration Management 25
Cost and Performance Optimization 10
Reliability and Business Continuity 10
Identity and Security 15
Observability 10

Deployment and Resource Management
Manually deploy core services
Utilize the OCI CLI to query, provision, and destroy resources
Utilize infrastructure as code to deploy replicable stacks

Configuration Management
Utilize configuration management tools to configure resources
Utilize cloud-init to initialize compute instances

Cost and Performance Optimization
Implement cost optimization strategies
Implement performance optimization strategies
Implement budgets and compartment quotas to limit the usage

Reliability and Business Continuity
Implement scalability and elasticity
Implement automated failover
Implement data retention strategies

Identity and Security
Implement tenancy security posture
Manage secrets and encryption keys
Implement least-privilege access control policies

Understand and implement Metric Query Language (MQL)
Implement alarms and notifications
Understand and implement health checks

You have been asked to ensure that in-transit communication between an Oracle Cloud
Infrastructure (OCI) compute instance and an on-premises server ( is encrypted.
The instances communicate using HTTP. The OCI Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) is connected to the onpremises
network by two separate connections: a Dynamic IPsec VPN tunnel and a FastConnect
virtual circuit. No static configuration has been added.
What solution should you recommend? (Choose the best answer.)

A. The instances will communicate by default over IPsec VPN, which ensures data is encrypted intransit.
B. Advertise a route over the VPN.
C. Advertise a router over the FastConnect.
D. The instances will communicate by default over the FastConnect private virtual circuit, which ensures data is encrypted in-transit.

Answer: B

You have created a group for several auditors. You assign the following policies to the group:
What actions are the auditors allowed to perform within your tenancy? (Choose the best answer.)

A. The Auditors can view resources in the tenancy.
B. Auditors are able to create new instances in the tenancy.
C. The Auditors are able to delete resource in the tenancy.
D. Auditors are able to view all resources in the compartment.

Answer: A

You have a web application running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that lets users log in with a
username and password. You notice that an attacker has tried to use SQL comment oe--" to alter the
database query, remove the password check and log in as a user. You decide to prevent any future attacks.
Which of the following OCI services or features would you choose to safeguard your application?
(Choose the best answer.)

A. Network Security Group
B. Data Safe
C. Web Application Framework (WAF)
D. Vault

Answer: C

One of the compute instances that you have deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is
malfunctioning. You have created a console connection to remotely troubleshoot it.
Which two statements about console connections are TRUE? (Choose two.)

A. It is not possible to use VNC console connections to connect to Bare Metal Instances.
B. VNC console connection uses SSH port forwarding to create a secure connection from your local system to the VNC server attached to your instances console.
C. It is not possible to connect to the serial console to an instance running Microsoft Windows, however VNC console connection can be used.
D. For security purpose, the console connection will not let you edit system configuration files.
E. If you do not disconnect from the session, your serial console connection will automatically be terminated after 24 hours.

Answer: BE

You have created an Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) service in your companys Oracle Cloud
Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy and you now have to load historical data into it. You have already
extracted this historical data from multiple data marts and data warehouses. This data is stored in
multiple CSV text files and these files are ranging in size from 25 MB to 20 GB.