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1Z0-1110-23 - Bundle Pack

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Vendor Oracle
Certification Oracle Cloud Solutions
Exam Code 1Z0-1110-23
Title Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science 2023 Professional Exam
No Of Questions 80
Last Updated July 1,2024
Product Type Q & A with Explanation
Bundel Pack Included PDF + Offline / Andriod Testing Engine and Simulator

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Exam Code : 1Z0-1110-23 - Jul 1,2024
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Format: Multiple Choice
Duration: 90 Minutes
Exam Price: $
Number of Questions: 55
Passing Score: 65%
Validation: This exam has been validated against Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023
Policy: Cloud Recertification

Earn associated certifications
Passing this exam is required to earn these certifications. Select each certification title below to view full requirements.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Certified Data Science Professional

Prepare to pass exam: 1Z0-1110-23
The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science Certified Professional certification is intended for data scientists and other professionals responsible for building data science solutions and managing the complete lifecycle of machine learning models. The certification validates a candidate’s ability to effectively identify OCI services used for implementing machine learning solutions for specific business use cases. It also validates a candidate’s ability to incorporate machine learning best practices.

Take recommended training
Complete one of the courses below to prepare for your exam (optional):
Become an OCI Data Science Professional (2023)
Practice Exam
Additional Preparation and Information
A combination of Oracle training and hands-on experience (attained via labs and/or field experience), in the learning subscription, provides the best preparation for passing the exam.

Review exam topics
The following table lists the exam objectives and their weightings.

Objectives of Exam
OCI Data Science - Introduction & Configuration 10%
Design and set up Data Science Workspace 15%
Implement end-to-end ML Lifecycle 40%
Apply MLOps Practices 15%
Use OCI Data & AI Services 20%

OCI Data Science - Introduction & Configuration [10%]
Discuss OCI Data Science Overview & Concepts
Understand the capabilities of Accelerated Data Science(ADS) SDK
Configure your tenancy for Data Science

Design and Set up OCI Data Science Workspace [15%]
Create and manage Projects and Notebook sessions
Create and manage Conda environments
Store credentials via OCI Vault
Configure and manage source code in Code Repositories (Git)

Implement end-to-end Machine Learning Lifecycle [40%]
Discuss ML Lifecycle Overview
Access data from different sources
Explore and Prepare data
Visualize and Profile data
Create and train models using OCI and Open source Libraries
Create and Use automated ML capability from Oracle AutoML
Evaluate models
Obtain Global & Local Model Explanations
Manage models using Model Catalog
Deploy & Invoke a Cataloged Model

Apply MLOps Practices [15%]
Understand OCI MLOps Architecture
Create & Manage Jobs for custom tasks
Scale with OCI Data Science
Monitor & Log using MLOps Practices
Use Pipelines to automate machine learning workflow

Use related OCI Services [20%]
Create and Manage Spark Applications using Data Flow and OCI Data Science
Understand OCI Open Data Service
Create and Export a Dataset using OCI Data Labeling
Use OCI AI Services for ML Solutions

You have just completed analyzing a set of images by using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data
Labelling, and you want to export the annotated dat a. Which two formats are supported?

A. CONLL V2003
C. Data Labelling Service Proprietary JSON
D. Spacy

Answer: B, D

data scientist, you use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Language service to train custom models.
Which types of custom models can be trained?

A. Image classification, Named Entity Recognition (NER)
B. Text classification, Named Entity Recognition (NER)
C. Sentiment Analysis, Named Entity Recognition (NER)
D. Object detection, Text classification

Answer: B

What preparation steps are required to access an Oracle AI service SDK from a Data Science notebook session?

A. Create and upload and runtime.yaml.
B. Create and upload the APIsigning key and config file.
C. Import the REST API.
D. Call the ADS command to enable AI integration

Answer: B

You are asked to prepare data for a custom-built model that requires transcribing Spanish video recordings into a readable text format with profane words identified.
Which Oracle Cloud service would you use?

A. OCI Translation
B. OCI Language
C. OCI Speech
D. OCI Anomaly Detection

Answer: C

You are using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Anomaly Detection to train a model to detect
anomalies in pump sensor dat a. How does the required False Alarm Probability setting affect an
anomaly detection model?

A. It is used to disable the reporting of false alarms.
B. It changes the sensitivity of the model to detecting anomalies.
C. It determines how many false alarms occur before an error message is generated.
D. It adds a score to each signal indicating the probability that its a false alarm.

Answer: B